Pluck Power Up

Pluck Power Up - Body Mind Spirit Unite
Pluck Power Up - Body Mind Spirit Unite

The brain, an organ of the BODY, does NOT interpret our intentions. The brain receives information and stores it. It is vital to the life of the BODY, so it is, so to speak, in charge of our bodies. Without the brain, your body cannot function. Most of humanity believes that words used reflect meanings and feelings. The words can be good, bad, true, false, powerful, weak. This is true, but, and a big one, words do not just reflect the reality of the present situation a person may be in..... WORDS CREATE REALITY. Words gather power with repetition. There are two things that ADD tremendous power to the words used: MIND and EMOTIONAL FEELINGS.

MIND CONTROL is essential as negative thoughts (conscious or on the subconscious level) with any type of emotional feeling will trigger creation of that negative. If you had a fear of something happening and did not remove it, it was created and that creation came from YOU.

"We do not have to wait for future discoveries in connection with the powers of the human mind for evidence that the mind is the greatest force known to mankind. We know, now, that any idea, aim or purpose that is fixed in the mind and held there with a will to achieve or attain its physical or material equivalent, puts into motion powers that cannot be conquered." - Napoleon Hill

An important POWER that the MIND has is the imagination which is your inner vision not perceived by the senses. The Conscious Mind is the seat of reason.

The Subconscious Mind holds the POWER of MIND. To consciously create reality, it is necessary to CONTROL the habitual negative thoughts and make them positive. MIND POWER is the second strongest POWER next to SPIRIT.

SPIRIT with your Subconscious Level of MIND is your seat of CREATION. SPIRIT is not a storage of thoughts, or experiences as the Subconscious Level of Mind. SPIRIT is NOT religion. SPIRIT is the sacred within us.


Pluck Power Up - Power Energy
Pluck Power Up - Power Energy

So what are the answers to "PLUCK POWER UP"?

Simple as A - B - C

A....ALIGN your BODY in good health and physical activity.

B....BEGIN clearing your MIND and focusing on positive thoughts of Health...Wealth... Happiness.

C....CONNECT with SPIRIT by relaxing 5 minutes a day, take 3 deep breaths and BE WITH SPIRIT and listen.


BODY: "I am healthy and strong."

MIND: "I focus on being positive."

SPIRT: "I renew and awaken my POWER."